October 17, 2006
Jobs On Zune

Interesting response from Steve Jobs regarding the ear. Basically says that Apple clients get the girl.

Personally I'm not all that interested in the Zune. Just like the other 30 "iPod Killers" on the market right now with similar and in some cases higher specs / more features, they just don't make me frunny in the pants if you know what I mean. I'm sure that MS will continue their grassroots / astroturfing campaign to show how so many people just love the Zune and might even gain some foothold in the market. However, since they are still being compared to the iPod still, and since music/media players are still referred to as "iPod Killers", we know who is on top. When we're looking at the top 32 Zune killers some Christmas, then things will have changed.

What I am looking for for myself (and I doubt such a thing exists):

  • high storage capacity (I have 100G+ of music)
  • plays music of all formats (ogg/flac a bonus)
  • can transport files easily (acts as a usb drive)
  • simple interface
  • small and light to carry running or the gym
  • not cost so much I'll never take it out of the house for fear of dropping it
  • can transfer music to my work pc to continue listening to what I was listening to (ie: fair use... I think the "we apply DRM to everything" philosophy of the Zune knocks it out here)
  • cross platform preferred (ie: I can feed it on Linux via Banshee / Rhythmbox / Amarok / etc)
  • preferred to allow play video (watch my shows on the train in the morning)
  • widescreen would be nice
  • easy transfer of video (ie: feed it via rss/bt or even just copying some avi files onto it)
  • not totally sucky battery life
  • Nice to have: hook into satellite
  • Nice to have: cost $5 and available at the vending machine :)

Course, that's just me.

Posted by Arcterex at October 17, 2006 01:42 PM