October 20, 2006
How Much Content is Real News?

... on this site, about zero. However, you'd think that on a real news site, say I don't know, CNN for example, a fair amount of their content would be real news right? lokiloki did a bit of a look and found this wasn't so. I don't totally agree with his asertion, and of course it does depend on your definition of "real content", but at the same time, it's hard to argue looking at the front page that there's not a lot of content there.

Even clicking 'full story' for the frontpage news (currently some crazy dear leader guy sending mixed messages.... what, did he not kiss us on the lips the morning after or somethign?), the actual content is presented squeezed between video links, related stories, and skyscraper ads. I don't disagree with ads, or at least, as much as I used to. Hell, you guys help me keep this site up and running by doing you-know-what on the you-know-whats! When your focus is supposed to be the "must trusted name in news", shouldn't your focus be the news, not having it jammed in the center of a bunch of other stuff?

Course, it's a relection of society today. Epilepsy-inducing myspace pages, digg/reddit oriented "top X reasons to Y" type "stories", news / link blogs like this one, video games, billboards with flashy lights and animated whatzits all seem to be ways that are needed lately to keep our attention, hell, to catch our attention in our ADD type attitudes. Time to take time off from the computer, news on TV with it's 18 different scrolling banners, and just sit and read a good book.

Posted by Arcterex at October 20, 2006 11:52 PM