November 06, 2006
Peace Through Pork

Peace Through Pork explores how world peace can be achieved by not denying oneself of the lushes crunchy goodness that is bacon (Dead Like Me reference: "triple crispy").

The core element of "Peace Through Pork" is the offering of delicious, fried, cured, pig flesh to passers by. This is done in front of a banner proclaiming the event in english, arabic and hebrew. The desired result of this situation is to provoke individuals to approach a representative and inquire about either the theory of "Peace Through Pork" or express an interest in eating some bacon.

This is similar to the idea that Howard Stern had about sending drugs, pornography, alcohol and strippers to the radical states as it seems like a lot less of a good idea to blow up the western world while you're mellowing out on some bud, a beer or three, and have "Angie" shaking her bootie in front of your face :)

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Posted by Arcterex at November 06, 2006 03:25 PM