January 30, 2006
31337 Star Wars Episode 3 J @ Work sent me a link to Star Wars Subbed in 1337. Very hilarious.
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True Gamers Tig threw me a link to Fear of Girls, a video about true gamers. All I can say, this is funny, and please $DEITY, don't let me ever be these guys.... at least for another few years!

And yes, you do get to see magic missile being cast!

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January 28, 2006
New Funky Linux Install/ISO Method PCLinuxOnline points to a new web based ISO creation method called InstaLinux, which basically runs you through a few questions, distro, packages, user setup, etc, and then pops you out a bootable ISO that you can burn and boot with. I'm playing around with this for the new UFies box... just to play with though, they don't have my distro of choice in their list unfortunately :)
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January 27, 2006
When Are Satallites Passing Over Your Head Cool little Java app from NASA called JPass that shows you when satallites are passing over top of your location (by lat/long or zip code).
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January 24, 2006
What Not to Crochet Well, now you know. I particularily agree with the freaky bunny suits.... what are they for I have to ask? Some sort of furry/bondage hybrid?
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What Not to Crochet
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January 16, 2006
Uptime Lost, a Sad Day Great sadness struck my heart this afternoon when a possible planned power outage at our hosting company (originally possibly planned for Wednesday) knocked the 662 day uptime the UFies.org has had. This server was last rebooted almost 2 years ago when Fred installed some new hard drive cooling.

Given some of the issues we've had over the last few years, you'll see why 2 years of uptime on a linux box is sometimes a big deal, especially when using "commodity" hardware.

No fear, as some may know already, this box is in for a major refit, with a swanky new 2U dual proc, hyperthreaded, 6G beast waiting to be configured and swapped in place here.

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More Crazy Japanese Game Shows JWZ has a great wrapup of japanese tv.
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Free Running Videos I've linked to the art of free running videos beofre It hink, never with a story attached though. Check out these two videos that my buddy WN sent over.
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January 13, 2006
Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Reviews Shacknews has some links to Enemy Territory: Quake Wars reviews. This is one of my anticipated games, and looks like it'll be a combination of UT2004 gameplay, Doom3 graphics, and Battlefield 2 teamwork. Can't wait!
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Make You Happy Video Dana threw this video to me from google videos, it's Tripod performing at a Comedy Festival.... It's pretty funny, just stay with it, I was just about to ask if there was a payoff or were these guys just not bad singers when it came. Friggin' hilarious.
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The New Windows Vista An amusing video put up by some mac-heads regarding windows vista.... Windows Vista: First of a Kind Features?

Note that the voice is Bill Gates' keynote :)

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January 10, 2006
Transformers Test Footage What appears to be Transformers Movie Test Footage, via Digg.
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January 09, 2006
An Image to Make Your Eyes Tear ScoobyD pointed this Head-tripping four-eyes image on boing boing to me. My brain keeps on thinking it's out of focus and tries to bring it back to focus, but it can't because it's already in focus, but.... but....

Anyway, check it out if you'd like a nice headache in the middle of the day :)

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How Many UFies With Blogs Out There? So there are another few groups that have their planet.group, where people who are associated with that group have their blogs all aggregated together on that site. A couple of examples are planet.gnome.org and planet.gentoo.org.

So do we have any UFies who want to set something like this up?

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January 06, 2006
Linux Filesystem Benchmarks Linux Gazette has a filesystem benchmark article, linked to from slashdot. The results of the benchmark are very interesting...

It's obvious that some filesystems are better for some things than others, and there isn't a huge winner that does good in everything. However, I was really surprised as to how many benchmarks ReiserFSv4 lost. Reiser4 was slowest for removing lots of files and directories, finding lots of files and directories, and creating and copying files. Granted, some of these are Reiser4 losing by half a second, but other times it's losing by almost 15 seconds (copy a 1 gb file). For me this is interesting simply because of the Reiser4 claim that it's the fastest filesystem around. Of course, we all know lies, damn lies, and benchmarks. Of course, I think I trust the benchmarks from LG than from the ReiserFS site :)

Ext2 (the non-journaled FS) kicks everything else's ass a lot for speed, but that's mostly because it's a more simplistic filesystem. For the CPU utilization for the tests JFS looks like it comes out ahead, as it does in the final 'total test time' graph.

Remember the whole 'tools in the toolbox' thing. Course, I'm still not sure what to put as the filesystem for the up-and-coming new ufies.org box... will probably stay with ext3 unless someone has a really good reason to go elsewhere.

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January 05, 2006
Terry Tate, Office Linebacker A classic, yet, Terry Tate the Office Linebacker is still so watchable.
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January 04, 2006
MAME Cabinet Hall of Shame When MAME cabinets are really bad they get their own website: What is this CRAP? That is of course if the site hasn't succumbed to the digg effect.
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The Sysadmin Song Nothing says monday after a long break than The Sysadmin Song on google video. Thanks behdad.
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