November 30, 2006
Facts About Sleep

40 amazing facts about sleep

- A new baby typically results in 400-750 hours lost sleep for parents in the first year

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November 29, 2006
PS3 Vs Wii On the Onion

Another great article from the Onion, this time on PlayStation 3 vs. Nintendo Wii.

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Wii Superfan

Great video of a guy who is a nintendo superfan. "Hopped up on demeral and haven't slept in 5 days".


Thanks for the pointer Darren.

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November 28, 2006
Get Vista and Office Free

.... with a minor hitch. You have to watch some webcasts. See the details over at Robert McLaws blog. Apparently the Get Vista & Office for Watching Webcasts is legit, so we'll see.

"While supplies last" of course, and only open to US residents :( Anyone want to watch some webcasts for me?

Note, some of the graphics don't seem to work in Firefox, you may have to use IE to see the link/arrow beside the 'free gift' graphics.

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WWI Images In Color

I've always been fascinated with pictures of, and taking pictures of, items of historical significance.... that makes something like World's Armed Forces Forum selection of colorized images from the French archive of WWI images. Very neat to see.

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November 24, 2006
Transformers Movie Pics

The Tranformers Pics page is a lot of toy and concept images, but there are some nice gems from the soundstages.

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"The Truth" Political TV Spot

When I first saw this video linked from reddit or digg, I just didn't get it (until I'd finished watching of course), and almost bailed out at the start. Best not to. When you watch The Truth know it's a political spot from Argentina and is possibly the best political ad I've seen yet. Of course, in these days of political ads being not much more than "my opponent is a beer swilling, hooker loving, wife beating, tax loving demon from hell hell who is going to get your daughter pregnant with the rest of his gang bang loving biker friends", that's not all that hard.

Just watch and enjoy. Like nothing I've seen before.

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November 23, 2006

Now these are some hardcore D&D nerds.

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D&D Sex Advice

Sex Advice from a Dungeons and Dragons Player at Dethroner. Pretty much all that's needing to be said I think. Grabbed from reddit again.

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Supreme Commander Beta Now Open

The Supreme Commander Beta is now open. Note the webpage looks like it's IE only, for me none of the graphics show up (including the big 'sign up now' button) in Firefox :(

According to Oneiros, the game is the shit, so I'm going to have to go and check it out and get my ass kicked....

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Rope Brain Teaser

How are your logic solving skills? The Rope burning logic problem was posted up on and I haven't the slightest idea where to start. You guys?

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November 22, 2006
Details of Next Gen Trillian Multi-IM Client

Trillian Astra is the next gen version of my favorite multi-im client. Notable improvements involve a whole new UI (not sure if I'll trade it as I like the minimalistic look), integration into all sorts of "social software", spotlight search, performance improvements, easy guest login, and much else. Check out the feature tour after the movie. Wonder if there's a way to get in on the Beta testing?

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November 21, 2006
Choices Suck!

Joel of Joel on Software has a good read on choices = headaches as he examines the new Vista shutdown options which give you 9 different menu options to choose from as you walk away from your computer. He also goes into how choices suck and actually restrict you more (ie: notice how in the open source world there are probably 50 different distros out there, and only maybe 5 of them are "real" choices; and while there are probably 10 different window manager / desktop environments, you really only ever choose between GNOME and KDE). I also like how he takes those 9 choices for shutdown and manages to combine them down to.... well, I'll let you read the article yourself.

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What are the OS 10.5 Secrets?

Really good article by John Siracusa on the top secret features of the as-yet-unreleased OS 10.5. A really well thought out look at just what might be left that hasn't been leaked already, and why (and "if").

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November 20, 2006
Computer Language Quotes

Title says it all: Quotes about Computer Languages. Found via reddit.

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Burning Menus with XGL + Linux

So sometimes completely pointless eye candy can still be fun. Take the burning menus plugin for Beryl (XGL). It makes your menus look like they appear from flames when they are opened.

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Top 20 Programming Languages

This is interesting, a list of the top 20 programming languages, and their up / down movement. Of course, it all completely depends on the environment, application, and use... the whole 'right tool for the toolbox' thing.

Perl rules!

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November 17, 2006
Gaming Tattoos

Now this is dedication. Best 25 Gaming tattoos.

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Linux and Microsoft

Here's a collection of Ballmer's Anti-Linux rants, and (for humors sake) an open letter to Microsoft from a Linux user.

Looking at what Ballmer has said about Linux previously, I'm getting less happy with the whole deal, assuming anything actually happens as a result of it of course.

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Vista RTM on MSDN

There's a certain humor in that Vista RTM was available on bittorrent before it was available on MSDN and TechNet.

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PS3 On Sale Today

Console gaming isn't really my thing, but apparently this Playstation 3 thing is causing a bit of a buzz. The online comic Ctrl Alt Del has some nice commentary on the situation, mirrored by a coworker telling me this morning that he was up at 3am and driving around the local electronics stores finding where there were less people lined up than there were consoles available. Apparently you can sell these things on eBay for $3000-7000 (insanity!), which is pretty good for a morning's work.

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November 16, 2006
Spiderman 3 Trailer (new)

Holy crap I can't wait for Spider-Man 3. Looks awesome!

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District 13 Opening Chase Scene

I think I'm going to have to buy this video based on the opening Chase scene alone. Definitely shows the French affection for pakour (free running) (wikipedia entry).

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November 15, 2006
OMG! Kitties!!!11!

More pictures of cats with cute captions. Some old, some new, all cute.

Here are some politicial ones along the same lines. And an explanation of the whole phenomenon of "IM IN UR <noun> <verb>ING UR <noun>" thing.

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Star Wars Virgin Report

No, not that sort of virgin. Contrary to reports, not all Star Wars fans are virgins, or so my friends tell me. Someone who hasn't watched any Star Wars movie ever watches all in narrative order and reports. Must amusing.

I would have to watch 14 straight hours of Star Wars all night Friday into early Saturday. With my social calendar predictably empty, I decided now would be the time to give up what so many people already have over the last 30 years.
With an extra large coffee in hand, I settled in for Episode I: The Phantom Menace. For someone who has never seen a Star Wars movie, it would be easy to criticize them — and Episode I makes it especially easy.
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Dissapproving Rabbits

Disapproving Rabbits has a very simple concept, pictures of rabbits with disapproving looks on their faces. Similar to cats in, but with rabbits and no sinks.

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Self Love to End Conflict

That's basically the idea behind Masturbate for Great bumper sticker slogans too. Kinda NSFW, but not really.

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November 14, 2006
How to Load a Dishwasher

Did you know that you should have your forks and spoons face up in the dishwasher? I didn't. This and more in dishwasher 101.

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The Zune Software Install Experience

Engadget shows off the less than stellar software experience that apparently comes with the Zune. Looks like there are some bugs to work out still, at least on their test system. Not to spoil the end of the story, but after hell to get things going on one computer:

But just to be EXTRA sure, we tried the software on a second PC we had laying around. Besides 20 minutes to install (huh?) it worked just fine. Expect more from that PC in the near future!

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November 13, 2006
Blogging Tips and Resources

A nice site with some interesting blogging links on everything from how to make money with da blog, to how to make da blog look not like crap (what I need).

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November 12, 2006
World Flags Redone

What if you had some designers go at world flags? You'd get something like World Flags Remade.

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November 11, 2006
When is a Liquid a Solid?

Other than when it's frozen of course? Answer, when it's a pool filled with non-newtonian fluid. This is a fluid that exhibits the properties of a solid when put under stress. Say, when running across it. Huge potential for fun and games of course, and I suppose, deadly traps!

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ET: Quake Wars Movie (On GeForce 8800)

Not sure if this Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Movie will compel me to dump my just-purchased GeForce 7950 GT for the just-released 8800 monster, but dang, it does look good doesn't it? Personally I can't wait for the niftyness of ET:QW to arrive, how about you? Old ET fans, time to start revving up your engines!

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November 10, 2006
Best of Craigslist

Some of Best of Craigslist is great, some is just awesome. Take for example Dear cat: Don't disturb blinds when I'm watching porn. Simply brilliant.

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November 09, 2006
Office Space Recut

I love this.... "Office Space" Recut. Scenes from the movie Office Space recut to make it look like a totally different movie. I've seen this before with The Shining (going the other way though).

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Rules for Platonic Relationships

I've filed this under "funny", but really, I wish I could have given some of these rules to people I've known in the past. The Guidelines for Platonic Friendship has a lot of decent points that can save a lot of confusion for poor guys (and potentially girls as well). IE:

2. No sleepovers. I think of all women who sleep in bed with me as potential sex partners. I spend all my free time trying to coax women in, so if you get in there, I can’t help but think you want some. If you or I need a place to crash sometime, then we should employ a couch. The breaking of this rule is punishable by instant sex.

Hit the site for 15 more gems.

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People React to K-Fed's Concert

(Note: IE only video :( ). Found on Perez a funny video of people being interviewed outside of K-Fed (Britney Spears' Ex for anyone not tapped into the Hollywood buzz like I am) concert. Not sure if this was the concert that they only sold 300 of the 1500 seats and then delayed starting for 3 hours or not, but they do mention that they were giving away tickets. This deflated my "why are you complaining about how he's the worst performer ever when you went to his concert!?!" argument.

I love celebrity break / melt downs :)

Update: this goes well with the interview with KFed showing him talking about how great their relationship is, then getting an SMS telling him about the divorce.

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+5 Cuteness

Man I love cute overload. The captions they have are so right on. Way funnier if you have the slightest knowledge of role playing games :)

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Reno 911 Movie Trailer

Apparently Reno 911 is a TV show or something, now they have a movie. Looks hilarious though, I may have to see if I can find the TV version somewhere to catch up. Worth it?

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Windows Vista Review

Paul Thurrott has a very nice Windows Vista Review. He goes into the history of the product, the 7 different editions and what they really mean. He's up to part 3 of 8 right now, so keep checking in if you're looking to get your vista fix.

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November 08, 2006
New EULA for Vista (Humor)

My buddy Jay from $work-- pointed me to the latest Vista EULA which is quite amusing (and a joke (I hope)):

Windows DRM: You may not use this system to remove DRM protection from Microsoft-provided media. "Removing DRM" is defined as stripping out protection, reverse-engineering code, using third-party circumvention software, installing non-DRM versions of DRM media, refusing to purchase our media in the first place, or reading Boing Boing.

Read the full thing here.

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November 07, 2006
Lightroom Beta 5 Details

Sean Mccormack has some details of Lightroom: Beta 5 which he saw demoed at Photo Plus Expo in New York. Among the gems in there are a spot healing brush, abillity to apply spot healing to other photos with the same pattern, and having real time display of how printing/printers would affect a given image.

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Calvin and Hobbes - The Untold Story

Video from robot chicken on what really happened with Calvin and Hobbes. Very amusing.

Via Digg.

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Quote of the Day

"What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad. "


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Grand Theft Mario

Bwahahahahaha - Grand Theft Mario.

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Comment On Voting

This t-shirt says a lot about the big US vote today (note: BSG reference, nothing political).

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November 06, 2006
Peace Through Pork

Peace Through Pork explores how world peace can be achieved by not denying oneself of the lushes crunchy goodness that is bacon (Dead Like Me reference: "triple crispy").

The core element of "Peace Through Pork" is the offering of delicious, fried, cured, pig flesh to passers by. This is done in front of a banner proclaiming the event in english, arabic and hebrew. The desired result of this situation is to provoke individuals to approach a representative and inquire about either the theory of "Peace Through Pork" or express an interest in eating some bacon.

This is similar to the idea that Howard Stern had about sending drugs, pornography, alcohol and strippers to the radical states as it seems like a lot less of a good idea to blow up the western world while you're mellowing out on some bud, a beer or three, and have "Angie" shaking her bootie in front of your face :)

Hit the original boingboing story.

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New Math

Another from the "oldie but goodie" file come some New Breakthroughs in Mathematics.

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Gong Show Popsicle Twins Act

Apparently this awful, smutty, discusting act of two young innocent girls enjoying a couple of Popsicles got the Gong Show thrown off the air.

Do not watch this insane act of depravity. No, really, don't click the link!

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Math For Programmers

A nice post on Math For Programmers. Finally justification that algerbra in school really was torture! Via jwz.

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Blaster Construction Instructions

Morning everyone, hope ya'll had a good weekend. So one day late for Halloween I find The Definitive How To for a Blaster Rifle. Step by step instructions on how to build a blaster a-la Star Wars.

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November 02, 2006
One Hell of a Commute

Wow, and I thought my trip to work sucked....check out the Worlds Most Dangerous Tourist Route.

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Microsoft Revises Vista Licenses

Bitch I do, but I have to give credit where credit is due when I saw that the license terms for Vista have been revised to create less pain for hardware enthusiasts and people who upgrade and change their hardware a lot. Good stuff, glad to see I won't have to re-buy my OS if I upgrade my computer.

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Moscow Traffic Jams

Now, now this is pretty insane. Check out these pictures of Moscow Traffic. Glad I only have to deal with 3 lanes of traffic each way.....

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Zune TV Spots

So what does anyone think of these Five Zune TV Spots? They are a bit reminiscent of the XBox 360 water balloon fight ads, all ending with "Find your audience".

Personally they are a miss for me. I honestly zone out because there's no focus or anything to draw me in or make me watch all the way to the money shot. Most of the commercials really have nothing to do with the player or any advantages it has. The first three basically are random shots of people socializing in a park, with some of them listening to generic looking mp3 players as a complete aside (to my eyes). The features that the Zune has that set it apart (large screen for video, wifi, landscape mode, comes in black, xbox integration, "social networking", etc) aren't mentioned, or highlighted. In fact, in watching the five spots, other than it's use for listening to music, I saw only one quick reference to watching videos (I think, it was a quick shot of someone turning it sideways, perhaps a reference to the landscape video mode) and perhaps a reference to the filesharing abilities by showing two zunes sitting beside each other.

The videos are very... "amateur looking". Not as if they weren't done professionally of course, but that stylized look. Definately focusing on the social aspects rather than the technology itself (maybe on purpose?).

Compare this to the iPod ads. They are a lot simpler, concentrating on the hardware itself and the enjoyment of music, or at least that's how I interpret it. Following the Apple simplistic style I particularily think that this U2 Video iPod ad is well done. A simple music video, and it just pulls out to show it's playing on an iPod, saying a lot.

Of course, I have a feeling most of the Zune marketing has been the grassroots kind that's over at ZuneInsider.

Anyway, I'm interested to hear what others think about the Zune marketing so far.

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Roadblocks aren't for Dumb Drivers

Video clearly illustrating what happens when you go on autopilot while driving near automatic roadblocks. Heheheh.

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Hilarious NSFW Videos from Mike O'Connell

Sent over again by my main security dude Dana is the website of Mike O'Connell. Hit the Theater link and then watch the videos, first one has an hilarious and completely not safe for work music video. They have a very similar feel to the comedy as 3 Dead Trolls in a Baggie.

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November 01, 2006
Thoughts on App Installation Annoyances

A nice article on the MSDN Blogs The Old New Thing entitled I bet somebody got a really nice bonus for that feature. It goes through what the quicklink menu, taskbar, and balloon help should be used for, as opposed to being cluttered up with useless crap by pretty much every app you install these days. A good / must read for application developers on the windows platform.

The rule for taskbar notifications is that they are there to, well, notify the user of something. Your print job is done. Your new hardware device is ready to use. A wireless network has come into range. You do not use a notification icon to say "Everything is just like it was a moment ago; nothing has changed." If nothing has changed, then say nothing.

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Touchscreen iPod in Dec?

Here's a completely unsubstantiated, pulling stuff out of the air rumor for ya. CNBC says possible touch screen iPod in December. Fingers crossed it's ready for my vacation in January.

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