January 21, 2007
An ArcterVacation

Old Post... - Guess this never got posted cause I didn't read the part in the manual about scheduling future posts properly.... OOops! Here it is for your enjoyment before I start posting again tomorrow.

Well I'm off for a bit, my first vacation since 2001, I'm very excited. I've turned off comments for non-authenticated users who don't have typekey to keep the comment spam at bay, sorry if this screws people up.

I've left some good folks to amuse you while I'm gone. Fred, Darren and Iambe will (or probably will) be posting here in my absence, if not, well, you get to amuse yourselves :)

While I'm gone you can hit my daily time-sinks:

See ya'll in a week!

Posted by Arcterex at January 21, 2007 07:00 PM