January 29, 2007
Someone Selling My Photo on eBay!

So this is something that's completely pissed me off. I got a comment posted on my personal site that someone has listed my picture as their own on eBay!

It's stupid and lame for a few reasons (£0.01 for one thing, second is "shipping is free"? third is it's the wrong format for wallpaper anyway), and the auction has ended. However, it's still up there and in violation of copyright I believe. Anyone have experience with this, specifically how to get the auction removed or who to contact at eBay about this in the future? Their help system doesn't seem to have a nice "report abuse" link that's readily visible.

Note to self for the future, don't post large versions of images, and if I do, watermark them. :(

Dang, seems you can't trust anyone these days...

Update: The bastard has listed it again! The image (linked to my site) has been replaced this time though.

Posted by Arcterex at January 29, 2007 08:43 AM