February 09, 2007
Meanest Vista Review. Ever.

Found via Fake Steve Jobs' Blog is what looks like one of the meanest review of Vista I've seen so far.

Windows Mail is a mild reworking of Outlook Express whose big new feature is a spam filter that in my tests flagged nonspam as spam and vice versa an unacceptable 10% of the time. The bare-bones word processor WordPad used to be able to open Microsoft Word files. No more. What possible rationale could there be for "fixing" that, except to force users to shell out for the real thing?

The rest of it has some similar ranting, and not all unjustified in my opinion. I've been watching what Vista is shaping up to be, and some things, like games running slower under Vista than XP, are a bit disturbing. Aren't things supposed to get faster as new versions are released not slower? Maybe it's the driver manufacturers fault, maybe the architecture.

Personally I have a odd desire to run Vista, but I'm honestly a bit scared to move all my setup to a new OS just to find a deal breaker. I'm sure I will eventually though. Anyway, read through the review and make up your mind (and take it with a grain of salt).

Posted by Arcterex at February 09, 2007 02:02 PM