March 08, 2007
New Pentax Lens Roadmap

Pentaxlife points to the new lens roadmap for all you pentax (D)SLR users out there. Exciting for me is the 60-250/F4 and nthe 200/F2.8. Interested also in the differences in quality and size between the DA16-45/F4 (which I have now) and the upcoming DA* 16-50/F2.8 (probably really expensive though.

Sad though there still isn't an "all around" walk around lens of 20-150 or so. Breaking it up at 45-60 (67-90 @ 35mm) is just a bit too close to a range that you'd use all the time. Of course, my dream lens of 10-300/F1.4 in a pancake profile is probably still a ways off :)

Posted by Arcterex at March 08, 2007 09:27 AM