March 30, 2007
Evolution (Mail Client) for Windows

Evolution, the Open Source Mail client is now available for windows.

Evolution features virtual folders, advanced filtering, spam filtering, security, calendar, todo list and contact management, Exchange support, signing mail with S/MIME / GPG / PGP, and syncing with palm pilots.

This should be very exciting for people who are stuck having to use Exchange / Outlook (through either choice or decree from The Bo$$tm) and are looking for an alternative to some of the less-than-perfectness that is MS Outlook.

A quick test here shows it's far from perfect. Default window layouts are odd (you have to turn on status bars, sidebars, and toolbars), and it took a bit of finagelling to just get to my exchange mail, which then wouldn't load. A bit disappointing, but there is definate promise there, and there's still a decent pop/imap client there. Anyone else played with Exchange with this new Evolution?

Posted by Arcterex at March 30, 2007 02:35 PM