April 24, 2007
The WTF Programming Contest

Worse Than Failure announced the Olympiad of MisGuided Geeks contest, or OMGWTF. Basically you download skeleton code and fill in the TODOs to simple functions and are judged on ugly, buggy, or clever code.

I wish I could enter an ex-girlfriend of mine in this, a drama major who took a level 100 programming class to fill out her electives. I tried to explain stepping through simple programming constructs like loops or if statements, and well, lets just say the way that drama majors and computer geeks brains work is way different :)

"So if the loop starts and i is 0, and in the loop it increments i by 1, what's i when it gets back to the start of the loop?"


"How much more?"


"OK, so when it starts, how much is i?"


*shoots self and runs away*

(OK, maybe it wasn't quite that bad..... I didn't shoot myself, just stabbed my foot with a fork.)

Posted by Arcterex at April 24, 2007 02:06 PM