June 11, 2007
Apple WWDC 2007 Wrap Up

Probably the last Apple post for a bit, unless new stuff comes out, but here's the details of Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2007 from Engaget.

To summarize:

  • New games (including new iD technology) to flesh out the mac gaming experience
  • New Leopard features:

    • stacks
    • core animation niftyness
    • new finder with cover flow to browse anything (including remote machines, mac or windows)
    • downloads automatically put in a stack in the doc to clean up the desktop
    • eyecandy
    • 'Back to my Mac' feature works remotely and through .MAC
    • quick-view type thing for previewing without loading an app
    • new saved searches and browsing of todays files, yesterdays files, etc

  • Leopard is all 64bit and fast like a... uhmm... leopard
  • Bootcamp now integrated
  • some iChat stuff
  • Time Machine (no new info that I can see)
  • Safari for windows public beta to be available today (not active yet)
  • iPhone 3rd party app security handled by doing it all in a browser with JS and AJAX

So nothing really huge except I guess for the safari for windows and the new finder. Sucks to have to wait for September or October for the new OS / X, but I guess the next big thing is the iPhone at the end of the month... it'll be interesting to see the reviews, critics, costs, and availability (especially in canada.... we'll see if I can get it through my current Rogers / AT&T carrier or if I have to sell my soul for two years to someone else. Not that I have $500 or $600 to blow on a phone of course (wedding present anyone? :)

Posted by Arcterex at June 11, 2007 11:42 AM