June 25, 2007
Blade Runner Still Holds Up

Adam Savage (of mythbusters fame) argues why Blade Runner still holds up special effects wise. I have to agree, there is definately something to be said for a movie that doesn't use all CG and green screens, sadly too many movies these says have horrible acting (*cough*ep1/2/3*cough*) due in part to (IMHO) the fact they are acting against nothing but massive green sets. Back in the day (Blade Runner for example) they had actual sets and props and you can tell (IMHO).

Sadly while I love the idea of Blade Runner, it really ends up being a favorite movie to not watch. Last time I watched it I found it almost..... boring, even though it wasn't, even though I know it's a great movie.

Posted by Arcterex at June 25, 2007 01:02 PM