August 09, 2007
The Future of GNOME

— desrt Ryan Lortie writes about how i’m excited about the future of gnome. Basically a laundry list of the new stuff that's going into GNOME, showing how it's not stagnant with just boring incremental updates. However, some of the things he lists are... well, boring incremental updates (IMHO). Tracker as the new search engine, dconf as the new low level config manager, a new web rendering engine in Epiphany, etc all really sound like minor updates to components of GNOME, instead of something really big and exciting (again, IMHO).

Still, it is nice to see what's upcoming in my favorite desktop platform.

Some similar opinions to mine are in the OSNews comments for the story.

Posted by Arcterex at August 09, 2007 09:17 AM