September 17, 2007
GNOME 2.20 Release Very Soon... Beta Release Notes

Found the GNOME 2.20 Release Notes, or at least a beta. Not sure if they'll stay there, so get 'em fast... or wait the two days to read the final ones yourself.

Looking through I'm again fairly underwhelmed :( It seems like (again) a lot of small, needed fixes are there that will make life using the GNOME desktop that much nicer (ie: the taskbar button width changing bug is now gone, GDM has a 'leave a note' function, tweaks and UI improvements in Evolution, Epiphany now has smooth scrolling and favicon support, interactive PDFs work in eVince, Tomboy Notes has a sync functionality, some control panel applets cleanup)...

None of these fixes, even taken all together, makes me go whoah!. I suppose though it took Microsoft 6 years to update Windows XP to vista (which was a "whoah"). Maybe I'll have that moment in 2.22, or maybe 3.0 should it ever arrive.

That all said, I'll wait till the newest gnome is a) released and b) installed on my system and given a fair shake before I bitch too loudly. The people working on it are working their butts off and doing it all for free and for the love of it, and the changes they are making are making the Linux desktop that much nicer to work with each and every release. Heck, where was GNOME 6 years ago? Around version 1.4 which if anyone remembers that far back, was very different to work with :)

Posted by Arcterex at September 17, 2007 11:41 PM