October 01, 2007
Hype 2.0: eBay and Skype

Nice article on EBays Billion Lesson in the Value of Hype, talking about how they paid $3b (that's with a 'b' as in 'bbbbbbillion') for skype, and discovered, unsurprisingly, it wasn't worth quite that much.

It’s almost impossible to pay for a deal through “synergies.”

Doesn't stuff like that remind you of the first bubble, back in the day, when junior programmers were grabbed up for six figure salaries and people paid millions for companies with no product or revenue. Eazel and nautilus ring a bell to anyone? Ah well, some people never learn (course, others make $3b selling their company to another...).

Posted by Arcterex at October 01, 2007 09:50 PM