October 18, 2007
OS/X Leopard Gives Adrian More Wow Than Vista

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes says he admits that Leopard has more “Wow!” than Vista … in theory anyway and goes on to enumerate some of the bits (a nice summary by the way). One thing really stuck out for me though.:

Google Map Addresses
View a detailed map of any address in Address Book. Just hold down the Control key while clicking any address and select “Map of” and Safari will show you its location in Google Maps.
[Note that this is one of those re-tweaked features - I believe that this is already in OS X Address Book but uses MapQuest instead of Google Maps. But yeah, it’s cool. Why can’t Outlook Express/Windows Mail have this?]

Isn't this basically the feature in MS Office where it would parse out addresses / phone numbers and make them yellow and clickable to add them to your address book or something? And wasn't this the feature that when it was announced (2002 or 2003 probably) had people up in arms about invasion of privacy, Microsoft stealing our data, etc etc? Sure it's slightly different, hooking into maps, but still... a bit of hypocrisy mayhap (not on Adrian's part as much as the net in general giving Apple/Google a big pass and coming down harder on MS for some things).

Posted by Arcterex at October 18, 2007 10:56 AM