December 17, 2007
Vista SP1 (RC) Copy/Move Fun

So fellow vista users... you know how copying or moving files around, especially to/from network shares is worse than the smell from a sweaty wookie's pits? Well, acording to WinExtra, Vista Service Pack 1 RC may not bring a solution :(

From the article:

Well it would seem that the Service Pack hasn’t made one bit of difference to the problems I was experiencing despite what had been listed in their published changelog that Long Zheng was good enough to publish. I realize that some will say that this is just something I am experiencing and must be related to my setup. The problem with that wishful thinking is that it is just that - wishful thing - especially considering that more than few forums around the web are reporting exactly the same; or very similar, problems.

I installed the hotfix a while back and performance has gotten 100x better than it was from the default install, which saved Vista from being rolled back to XP, however the performance is still pretty crappy compared to my linux box copying the same files to/from the same network drive (a Linux system running Samba). No, I'm not going to turn my fileserver into a vista box to get the (alleged) benefit of Vista-to-Vista copies :)

All I can say is I hope that Steven is exaggerating or that some changes happen between RC and the final release sometime next year.

Posted by Arcterex at December 17, 2007 10:15 PM