December 19, 2007
Duke Nukem Forever Teaser on Shacknews

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Debuts on Shacknews, also they have a decade of Duke feature article. Youtube trailer version.

The trailer itself is... well, "meh". Great pre-rendered visual of Duke, and maybe 2 seconds of (theoretically) game footage. Anyone whose seen a teaser for any FPS in the last few years has seen just as good though, check out the trailers for FEAR, BF2/2142, CoD4, Crysis, UT3, etc. Which brings back the thought I had last night, does it matter anymore. Other than the new twist of "it's duke nukem and he's wise cracking", what are we going to see here that's not a variation and adaption of the other games out there. The original Duke was revolutionary because it was one of the first of it's kind, before Half Life and all it's friends. Now the market is so watered down...

I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Do wish they had released more of a trailer, so little just screams (to me) hardly anything done, and/or it'll change way more before it's done (like the last couple of trailers). Fingers crossed though.

Comments anyone?

Posted by Arcterex at December 19, 2007 10:56 AM