January 09, 2008
FeedDemon (RSS Reader for Windows) Now Free

Along with the previous note about NetNewswire being free, I see that the Windows RSS reader from NewsGator (though I knew it long before it was bought) is also a free download. Wonder what the NewsGator plan is? Right now syncing accounts with the NewsGator service is free... maybe they are seeing erosion by Google Reader and friends? NNW and FD do have the advantage of easy offline operation, which Google Reader does have with Google Gears, but (from my experience) this isn't as slick as a desktop app caching pages to the computer.

Oh, FeedDemon also has the "Panic Button" which is something I could use a lot (detects when you have lots of unread feeds).

Very cool to see NewsGator doing this though.

Posted by Arcterex at January 09, 2008 02:03 PM