February 13, 2008
Pentax K20D Review From PopPhoto

Some Pentax K20D porn for you photogs in the audience who shoot pentax (probably only me I figure). Someone posted the Pop Photo K20D review - March 2008 over in the DPReview forums.

I really wish I could understand the complaints about the high ISO performance. I shoot at max 1600 and in that I know that the pictures will not be useful for much more than the web, and people are bitching that the performance at 3200 is "irritating". Maybe I'm just used to "bad" performing old cameras and figure photography should be done in good light. Improved AF in low light performance would be great, I was bitching about slow autofocus last night with my *ist-D. I presume that the K10D, and of course the K20D is much better though.

Here's another article with some more news.

Posted by Arcterex at February 13, 2008 08:14 AM