April 02, 2008
Latest Wacky Theory.... Time Cubes

Remember a while back a senator in the states quoted, or joined, or had something to do with the flat earth society, which caused a bit of a hubbubb. I read through the main page (don't remember what it is) and was amazed at the wackyness of it all.

Anyway, the latest nutso theory is the Time Cube. It has something to do with a four sided day, or 4 days, one day of a good god and one day of an evil one, or something like that....

Time Cube's ineffable Truth. 'Cubeless Word' is not Truth. Word justifies all human evil. Time Cube is a test for Truth. Circle measure is slop bucket. God belief 50% god disbelief. Truth is 100%, belief is 50%. Time Cube is Truth creation.


As with all wacky websites, it's unreadable, a mix of fonts, large font size, lots of colors and italics and is pages and pages long. Don't these people know anything about public relations and how to attract people to actually read their sites? The site that is denounced on the main time cube site is even worse, with a far more vomit inducing color scheme.

Posted by Arcterex at April 02, 2008 09:11 AM