May 01, 2008
Microsoft Photo Pro Tools... Not Suckage?

When I first saw the post about Microsoft Pro Photo Tools V1 I immediately dismissed it as more MS marketing crap, selling "meh" software as the 3rd coming. However, when looking into it a bit more, their Geotagging system looks.... "interesting". I'm a metadata freak, I figure if I can metadata the hell out of something I can always go back later and re-organize or find whatever I need to find. The idea of dropping a photo on a map (a la Flickr's tools) and have it's location/city/state/country/etc data in the IPTC fields really excites me. Looking forward to seeing this when I'm back around a windows machine.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools also allows photographers to use geotagging for their photos. Geotagging is the ability to "tag" something with location information - and in the case of photos the location of where your photo was taken. You can quickly add location data from a GPS device or Live Search Maps to a photo's metadata.

Posted by Arcterex at May 01, 2008 06:05 PM