June 12, 2008
Opera 9.5 Released

Saw first on OSNews that Opera 9.5 was released. Here's the press release from Opera themselves. Sexy new look, the new sync feature called Opera Link, malware protection, and more speed, along with all the other bits that make opera good. Sadly I haven't really been able to switch, Firefox is far too engrained in me in terms of my fingers knowing all the sortcuts, plugins, etc. Opera (at least the previous 9.x version) also still feels a lot like the old original opera 4 or 5 that I first tried with just a bunch of new paint thrown on, which hits me basically as soon as I go into the preferences or sub-menus. I'll give it another go with the 9.5 version and see what it's like now though.

Regardless of that, good work and congrats to the opera team (doubtful they'll ever see these kudos though :).

Posted by Arcterex at June 12, 2008 09:16 AM