July 08, 2008
More iPhone 3G News and Bad Press For Rogers

Story from Darren about the Spat with Rogers leaves Canadian Apple stores without iPhones looks a bit like rumormongering to me, but as Darren noted, it doesn't matter, it's still bad press for Rogers and I really hope that all the bad press and (presumed) public pressure will help to make them reconsider their data plans. Really, they have a huge opportunity to offer reasonable data rates for Canadians, which they should take (says I the consumer). Of course, the minimal competition up here means they have no need to, hence the $115/month plan that gets you 2G of transfer :(

In other iPhone 3G news, engaget has some 3G iPhone in the wild pictures. Not a huge amound there sadly.

Posted by Arcterex at July 08, 2008 09:45 AM