July 21, 2008
Getting $200 Back From Microsoft

Anyone remember back in the day when a bunch of linux geeks were going to rally to get the OS license fees back from Microsoft? If so, this story of a guy who got a Windows Vista refund from HP will warm the cochleas of your heart.

He came back on the line and again tried to convince me, by explaining that there would be technical difficulties with using a non-Windows-Vista operating system on this HP machine, to return the laptop and get a different one. I told him again that was not what I wanted, explained what I wanted, and reminded him that he just said HP would not offer tech support for other operating systems. I told him nicely that I would worry about the technical problems of using a non-Windows-Vista operating system but he should help me get my refund.

Fairly amazing story, even more so if you notice the call lengths for his calls. Good perseverance though! If you're wondering why someone would bother to do this (aside the obvious "no a fan of microsoft" answer), think about the discounted prices you can get a laptop for these days, and then subtract the $200 Microsoft tax. Good enough? Especially if you are exercising rights given to you by the EULA displayed when the computer is first turned on.

Posted by Arcterex at July 21, 2008 03:17 PM