July 30, 2008
More on MS Mojave Marketing

I'm glad someone other than myself has stepped up with a good explanation of why “The Mojave Experiment:” is Bad Science, Bad Marketing. They're wrong of course in the respect that this is bad science, this is no-science, this is marketing, just presented as if it were "real".

Next week I'll be running "The Atupquonihanque experiment", where I present Mojave users with a copy of Ubuntu and tell them it's Mojave's successor, and they all tell me how awesome it is next to XP, Vista, or Mojava! Come to think of it I just need to put a tiny little * Based on laboratory results at the bottom and I don't even have to do anything but get actors to say it!

See how well all this works? :)

I just thought of something.... hasn't Microsoft's new marketing campaign basically taken a page from the Burger King Whopper Experiment? Seriously, it's the same idea....

Not everyone agrees with me of course :)

Posted by Arcterex at July 30, 2008 07:03 AM