November 20, 2008
Engadget BlackBerry Storm Review

Engadget has a BlackBerry Storm review. For obvious reasons there are a lot of comparisons to the iPhone... better battery life (though no hard numbers), beautiful design (with some niggles), some issues with the touchscreen, some plusses and minuses with the onscreen "touch" keyboard, etc. The one place where it seems to fail is the software, where they see the OS having had the touch part grafted on instead of being there from the start like the iPhone. Also things like scrolling through lists it sounds like hasn't had the care and attention that Apple gave it on the iPhone. It does sound like a simple thing, but anyone who has used an iPhone or iPod Touch knows just how "good" using the interface and scrolling "feels", and how integral that is to why the iPhone is so popular.

That said my last BB was one of the blue plastic chunks of lead, so I'd be open to playing with one of these for sure if anyone was interested in sending me a review version :)

The Apple Blog has it's own perspective on the whole thing, including the same sort of "it's $200 yes, but what about the $xx per month plus $xx for this and $xx for that" snarkyness that came from the non-apple fanboys when the iPhone 3G came out with it's "reduced" price.

Posted by Arcterex at November 20, 2008 09:33 AM