December 20, 2008
More New Duke Nukem' Media

Three new screenshots have surfaced in the last few days from the latest round of DNF media. I hear that this is one year after the first "new" set of media from DNF came out proclaiming that they were back, there was indeed a real game there, it was being worked on, etc etc.

This is like 2001 all over again. We were jazzed up by the promise of DNF not being forever and a day away last year, now a year later they are reminding us that they're still working on it, no, really, we are.

The screenshots of course look lovely, and completely pre-rendered and doubtful to look anything like it in the final game (except for the last one maybe).

Bottom line, I'd say don't get too excited and wait for the announcement next year that they're switching game engines (or platforms).

Posted by Arcterex at December 20, 2008 12:12 AM