January 31, 2008
Cool Transformers Video

Via Darren comes Transformers Universe a super-cool clip of the original transformers... hard to describe, but just go check it out!

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EEEPC Upgrades

Think your EEEPC is a bit light on addons like USB ports, bluetooth, or storage? Check out the Eee PC Internal Upgrades page that my buddy Brian sent over. Wow, some dedicated hardware hackers out there....

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January 30, 2008
Photographial Inspiration

Ar'alani's photos and his favorites, suggested by Thomas Hawk.

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Super Fast Bulk Data Import in Rails

Via the rails envy podcast I found Super-fast bulk data imports in Rails with ar-extensions. Basically a scaling issue is that importing a billion records into rails via ActiveRecord sucks, this lets you do bulk imports and makes them much faster.

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On Faceless Facebook Apps

Flow|State has a really good article on how he's Looking forward to seeing Facebook apps drop their pointless mystery. Lots of screenshots and a nice explanation of the crappy user interface that 99% of the facebook apps out there have.

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January 29, 2008
The Phishing Underground

Interview with Nitesh Dhanjani and Billy Rios, Spies in the Phishing Underground. Via BoingBoing and /.

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Possible Spore Delay :(

Bah.... Shacknews says Spore Delay to Fall/Winter 2008 Likely, Says Analyst.

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iPhone Car Integration

Unofficial apple weblog has a Complete guide to iPhone car integration now online.

Rogers, please move your butts and get me an iPhone up in Canada!

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American McGee's Alice To Be Made Into a Movie

Anyone remember playing the cool-yet-creepy American McGee's Alice? I remember it, and can't wait for the movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar!

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Dating Hell

Conjugal Harmony has to be the best site ever... they should send the guys from DatingIsHell over there. I love that they list the convictions there too..... bwahahahahaha

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Video Guitar Tutorials Online

Found iVideosongs.com via an article on TechCrunch, free and pay video tutorials for learning to play the guitar, and what looks like a fairly "ok" library of songs to learn (only 2-10 songs per section it seems.... it is still beta though. Pretty cool stuff!

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January 28, 2008
Details On OpenOffice 3.0

VentureCake has some OpenOffice 3.0 details that make it sound like a very sexy beast of a program. Well, hopefully not too much of a beast... OO.o is still a bit heavyweight for me sometimes :) Not scheduled till September though, so still lots of time to wait (and play with alphas and betas).

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This Day 22 Years ago was the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Link on reddit pointed to an article on the Space Shuttle Challenger and noted it was 22 years ago today that it exploded on takeoff. I remember this vividly too, just like everytime I hear the line in the song Nineteen Somethin' that goes:

Space Shuttle fell out of the sky
And the whole world cried...

I remember looking into my elementary school window (I was in grade 5 or 6) and seeing my teacher either watching TV or crying, or both, and wondering what the heck was going on. I don't remember if I found out what had happened in school or when I got home, but the image of the smoke from the explosion stuck with me and still makes me shiver, knowing what that smoke trail meant for the crew and the lone civilian teacher on board.

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QTrax News (It's not that Good)

Article on Qtrax from ZDNet. Qtrax is a new music download service... "free and legal" music downloads. Sounds like the real story isn't quite as rosy. Google for Qtrax news and I'm sure you'll find lots of other info on it. Doesn't sound like it'll replace my bittorrent music acquisition system any time soon....

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Viewing Flash On Your iPhone with iTransmogrify

iTransmogrify! allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to view flash video on their devices. Bookmark a javascript bookmarklet and it'll magically transmogrify the flash into a format playable on the non-flash apple devices (damn you Steve Jobs!).

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Tips for Improving Your Workout

Blast Off Fat (Way) Faster from Health.com. Standard type tips I think, nothing magic (not that there's anything magic about improving your fitness), still good to read through.

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January 27, 2008
iPod Touch 1.1.3 Jailbreak Info

How simple is this... there is a 1.1.3 "JailBreak" in Installer. Basically ensure you have the right version of a couple of packages, and a couple of settings (autolock set to never!) and time to wait (about 20-40 minutes from the forums)... then click the '1.1.3 jailbreak (dev team)' icon. Doesn't get any easier than that does it?

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January 26, 2008
A Rookie's Guide to DSLRs

A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras is a great article that is going around which gives you the ups and downs for new, or potentially new DSLR owners. A bit slanted towards Nikon it seems, but as a Pentax user I couldn't care less, and quite frankly, it really doesn't matter for 99% of the users out there. My philosophy has always been to tell people to go and handle the cameras and make sure you feel comfortable with the feel, controls, and weight, as if you're not comfortable you're going to tend towards not using your new $1000 toy and it'll be a moot point anyway!

That said, Pentax is the only way to go. That and VIM. And OS/X. Oh, and your favorite band sucks.


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Capa Cache - Tale of Photographs from the 1930s

Robert Capa - Lost Negatives is an interesting article over at the NYTimes about a cache of about 3500 photographs that were presumed lost, but resurfaced years later.

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January 25, 2008
K20D Intro Video

Youtube has a video introducing the Pentax K20D with some nice details in the 7 and a half minute presentation. For those who don't know, Pentax introduced the K20D and K200D DSLRs recently.

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Ars Reviews KDE 4.0

Ars Technica reviews KDE 4.0. 'Nuff said.

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Red Dwarf Smeg-Ups

Classic video everyone should see..... Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups by BBC Worldwide Sci-Fi.

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Hilarious Interview

My buddy Robert sent me a video of this interview, which I admit, took me a bit to determine if it was from a sitcom or a legitimate news show. Honestly it's a bit more sane that some of the news interviews I've seen these days!

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Why SysAdmins Will Never Win

It's stories like Do not run this script, ever! from Daily WTF that makes me think that we as sysadmins, will never, ever win. Also that the stupid people in the world are getting smarter, without actually getting.... smarter.

I asked what he thought when the script printed "DO NOT EVER RUN THIS SCRIPT" and exited without doing anything. The newbie said he saw that, but really wanted to see what it did, so he commented out the "exit 1" and ran it again.


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Caught Lip Syncing

I'm pretty sure this singer didn't see it coming, but luckily the music (and impeccable lyrics) kept on going without a hitch. What skill!

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January 23, 2008
Types of Idiots Explained

Cracked.com has the list of 5 Douchebag Behaviors Explained by Science.

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January 22, 2008
Top 12 Covers of "Still Alive"

Aperture Science Rocks: The Top 12 'Still Alive' Cover Versions. That pretty much says it all.... some very bizarre renditions of JoCo's "Still Alive".

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"Chocolate" Trailer (Martial Arts)

From the Totally Rad Show episode I found a trailer for Chocolate, which is similar to Ong Bak which I totally enjoyed (think old school (young) Jackie Chan, but from Thailand). This is about a girl who is autistic in that instead of counting toothpicks she kicks ass..... Looking forward to seeing this appear somewhere.

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January 20, 2008
Joust Version of "Still Alive"

Wil Wheaton points to a fantastic version of "Still Alive" (the Portal song): Alive . . . in Joust. Yes, joust, as in that Joust. Pretty awesome!

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January 18, 2008
Day in the Life of a Portal Turret

A Day in the Life of Two Portal Turrets via ShackBlog. Hilarious, though you have to have played portal to really "get it" all.

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Web 2.0 At A Party

The Internet Party: What Happens When Google's Parents Leave Town for the Weekend?

Moderately amusing video with the personalities of the various websites around. I found the "flickr" guy particularly funny for the 2 seconds he was shown :)

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Star Trek Teaser and Images

Sharp eyed Darren pointed me to a Star Trek Teaser Trailer Review & Video. The trailer is shown apparently before Cloverfield, which starts tonight, and what I'm looking forward to seeing.

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January 17, 2008
How Cloverfield Delivers

10 Reasons Why Cloverfield Lives Up To The Hype has details (and very very minor spoilers) about the new movie Cloverfield and how it does in fact live up to the hype. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend!

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January 16, 2008
SDD vs HDD Comparisons

Anyone interested in how SDD (Solid State Disk) compares to HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can check out this (albeit biased) comparision of Samsung SSD vs HDD. Although it's done by a company whose object is obviously trying to sell SDD technology, their comparison appears pretty simple... two computers which look exactly the same, two fingers click the power button and time the startup time, etc etc.

This of course relates to the announcment yesterday from MacWorld of the MacBook Air.

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January 15, 2008
For Your MacWorld Live Bloggin Needs

Darren sent me a link to just what I was looking for for my popcorn watching for MacWorld..... a page with all the MacWorld live blogs on it! Watch Macrumors, engaget, mac observer and gizmodo updates all at the same time!

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January 14, 2008
Jim Jeffries NSFW (Language) and HILARIOUS Stand Up

Found a video of Mintys Comedian Of The Month May 2007 - Jim Jeffries and decided that Jim Jeffries is possibly the funniest person on the planet, regardless of his crudity. If you're sensitive to nasty words, keep on going, if not, this guy is hilarious, I was practically bent over and in pain from laughter for the entire ten minutes. More of his YouTube vids here.

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TestDisk Great at Partition Recovery

Note for myself.... TestDisk appears to be a good winner for doing computer partition recovery.

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January 12, 2008
Ars on KDE 4.0

Ars has a look at the KDE 4.0 release... ready, but rough they say. Looking forward to checking it out.

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January 11, 2008
Friendships and Social Networks

Great article by Andrew Chen on Does Facebook reflect your true friendships?

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Visualizing Fitts's Law

Ever wonder exactly what your geek and/or designer friends are talking about when they rant about some law by a guy named Fitts? Well Visualizing Fitts’s Law has a nice look at exactly what "infinite target area" and such terms are all about.

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Firefox 3 Linux Visuals

The Fox And The Penguin is a good post from a summer intern working on the Linux visuals part of Firefox 3... just cause I love visual integration on Linux :)

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January 10, 2008
Running an Open Wireless Access Point

Here's a Wired article by security guru Bruce Schneier entitled Steal This Wi-Fi

I can count five open wireless networks in coffee shops within a mile of my house, and any potential spammer is far more likely to sit in a warm room with a cup of coffee and a scone than in a cold car outside my house. And yes, if someone did commit a crime using my network the police might visit, but what better defense is there than the fact that I have an open wireless network? If I enabled wireless security on my network and someone hacked it, I would have a far harder time proving my innocence.

My thoughts on this are twofold if I were to do this (and he has some good arguments on it): 1 - I'd want a 'no wireless' button so that anyone using my wireless is cut off when I'm playing games... nothing sucks like having a high ping for no reason all of a sudden and 2 - I'd probably want to DMZ the wireless so it is separated from the rest of my internal network. Having open wireless is very nice.... it annoys me if I'm wandering into some random building in downtown and want to check my email from my iPod and all the networks are encrypted and not using 'admin and password'. Of course, out in the boonies where I live I doubt there'd be a whole lot of "walk in" traffic as it were :)

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January 09, 2008
Smackdown to the Ultimate Extras Team

One of my favorite Windows Blogs has a wonderfully cutting and delicious smackdown to the Windows Ultimate Extras team, around their inactivity of late. Just head over and read Hi Ultimate Extras, we noticed you’ve been inactive…

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Escapist on Silent Hill

The latest Zero Punctuation on Silent Hill Origins is the funniest thing I've seen this year, I can pretty much assure you of that. And I've never played any Silent Hill game or watched any Silent Hill movie, so I'm sure it'll be even better for people who actually know what he's talking about!

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Portal First Slice

Portal: First Slice is free for all NVIDIA Gamers. Wonder how it is... heading to download it myself now!

Update - looks like if you are already a portal owner you don't get anything :( Dang, thought it was new portal content!

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FeedDemon (RSS Reader for Windows) Now Free

Along with the previous note about NetNewswire being free, I see that the Windows RSS reader from NewsGator (though I knew it long before it was bought) is also a free download. Wonder what the NewsGator plan is? Right now syncing accounts with the NewsGator service is free... maybe they are seeing erosion by Google Reader and friends? NNW and FD do have the advantage of easy offline operation, which Google Reader does have with Google Gears, but (from my experience) this isn't as slick as a desktop app caching pages to the computer.

Oh, FeedDemon also has the "Panic Button" which is something I could use a lot (detects when you have lots of unread feeds).

Very cool to see NewsGator doing this though.

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NetNewswire (RSS Reader for The Mac) Now Free

RSS Reader for Mac - NetNewsWire now no longer is a for pay version and a Lite version, but a completely free version. Version 3.1 is available for download here.

I've been a Google Reader fan since the new version came out a couple of years back... I'm definately going to give NNW a shot again as I did used to use it back in the old days when I had a PowerBook. Via 50 Leaves.

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Shaved Bumblebee

Shaved Bumblebee. Not much more to be said, other than a hilarious, disturbing, and fantastic 3d creation!

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The MacBook UltraPortable Rumors

Macenstein has asked the question I've been pondering the last few days, remind me again why we want an ultra portable? The biggest rumor that I've seen of what's incoming at macworld in a week is that Apple will be releasing an ultra portable, touch based system that is whafer thin. From the Macenstein article:

For some reason I am just missing the allure of a wafer thin MacBook, and I would like someone out there to set me straight. What am I missing here?

Anyone remember Origami, the Microsoft UMPC? They had a great advertising campaign which seemed to peter out as soon as it was released. Has anyone heard anything about UMPC in the "real" media since then?

Anyway, the same goes, IMHO, for an apple device. Yes, the apple touchscreen from the iPhone and iPod Touch is fantastic and could be an improvement over the pen based interface, and the on-screen keyboard and predictive typing that those devices have could be useful on such a device. Isn't this a solution looking for a problem? Macenstein goes through what the current Apple offerings have, where the holes are and aren't, cost thoughts, etc.

I have to agree, it's a supremely cool idea, but I can't see it being hugely useful outside a couple of minor areas.

  • Uber-mac-fanboys / early adopters
  • Super super specialized areas (ie: salesperson at a mac store for checking inventory or something like that)
  • Some other super-specialized segment?

We'll see in a week I guess. I personally am prepared to be totally disappointed by this years MacWorld.

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January 08, 2008
Jeep Vs Tree

This one's for Raskal..... Jeep Vs Tree :)

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MacWorld / Rumors

Why is Apple Launching New Gear a Week Before Macworld? is the question asked (and possibly answered) by the linked image over at Gizmodo. Some cool (though probably impractical) mockups of a potential Macbook Touch were sent over to me as well.

Thanks Darren!

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Save the Shell People!

Craigslist post on: Help me keep the shell people alive.

I am part of a dying breed of people known as "shell users." We are an old-fashioned bunch, preferring the warm glow of a green screen full of text over the cold blockiness of a graphical interface. We use ssh, scp, and even occassionally ftp. Back in the days before high-speed connections ("broadband"), we would dial up during off-hours to avoid being slammed with huge phone bills. The whole "Microsoft Windows" fad will fade away sooner or later, but in the interim, our kind is facing extinction.

Via my coworker and old school hacker Mike.

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January 07, 2008
The WW1 Blog

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier is a "BLOG" written from letters and notes from an English soldier in the trenches during WW1. Interesting concept and an interesting read. There was a similar project a few years ago recreating diary entries from..... something else that was really old... Anyone remember what that was?

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Great Accident Videos

I know it's not funny, but check out these World's Most Amazing Videos: Volume 1 over on youtube. Lots of smashes, crashes and explosions.

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Childrens Book Covers, Retouched

Inappropriate Children's Book Titles... hilarious.

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January 04, 2008
Kernel Mode In Windows

Coding Horror has a good article on Understanding User and Kernel Mode, and what the difference is between the green and red lines in your task manager.

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Office 2008 for Mac Review At Ars

First Look: Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 over at Ars.

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January 03, 2008
New SETI@Home Data

Yo! You SETI@Home users who turned off your client and forgot about it (like I did)... according to a slashdot story there's a 500-fold Increase in Data Flow from SETI Telescope, so re-install the clients, log in and start chugging through that data!

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Vancouver+ FSX Addon Review

AVSIM Online has a review of Jon Patchs excellent Vancouver+ addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator/X. I was on the beta team for Vancouver+ and must say, it's a very cool thing to "fly" over your own hometown and have it not as a random generic set of random building textures, but what you're used to driving through every day.

The review has lots of screenshots to show what you're going to get, including some not 100% desirable effects.

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Hardcore Surfing

Now the guys Winter Surfing in Toronto... they're hardcore!

Thanks to Robert for the link!

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January 02, 2008
Firefox 3 Visual Integration on Linux

Blizzard posts a really good roundup of how Firefox 3 is rocking on Linux.

I have to say I agree with him. The performance improvements, memory leaks plugged, and great visual integration make it more and more of a joy to use on my linux development machine. Be sure to check out his visual comparisons of version 2 and 3.

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Recruitment Posters for the Empire

I've always thought of myself as more a "Jedi" kinda guy, but with posters like these, or this, or this (full gallery with a few more here, I'd be happy to wear the stormtrooper white!

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January 01, 2008
Oslo Knows How to Party Like it's 2008

This picture of fireworks over Oslo is most impressive.

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Rails Rant from Mongrel Developer

Rails Is A Ghetto is a potentially explosive rant from the Mongrel (a Ruby/Rails webserver) developer, slamming a lot of the rails people out there. Interesting to see what (if anything) this turns into.

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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, hope you're having a fun New Years Eve. From all of me here on the UFies.org team, hoping you have all the best in 2008! It's been fun posting random links all 2007, and I appreciate your support (the clicky clicky you know what wink-wink). I am looking forward to bringing all 3 of you random amusement in the coming year.

-- Arcterex

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