December 31, 2008
Ubiquity 0.1.3 Released

Ubiquity (the power user plugin for Firefox) .13 is out. Hit up the Release Notes for screenshots, download, etc.

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Zunes Failing Globally... Z2k?

Apparently a lot (hundreds? thousands? All of them?) of 1st Gen 30G Zunes are failing all at once. Gizmodo has the story with updates. No resolution from Microsoft at this time though.

ObSarcasm - there are "hundreds" of people with Zunes? Seriously?

Update: fix?

Update2: Seems the real fix is to wait till midnight.

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December 30, 2008
Cute Hack - Twitter For DDNS

Here's a cute little hack from Jeremy Zawodny.... using Twitter as a Dynamic DNS Service.

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December 24, 2008
I love how consumers have movie grade CG capabilities

VOTD: Mac vs. PC - Transformers Style | /Film

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December 23, 2008
Doing Portal without Portals

I always know there are a lot of people out there way smarter than I am (a lot) but I'm still amazed after seeing Portal - Advanced Chamber 18 done with 0 Portals. Check out the 'related videos' as well for other similar accomplishments. These guys do things like lean security bots against doors to keep them open when they open, exploit little bugs in the HL2 engine to climb walls, and other such coolness. Very impressive!

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Ubuntu Distributor Wants to Overhaul Linux Desktop Notifications

Mark Shuttleworth � Blog Archive � Notifications, indicators and alerts

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December 21, 2008
Voice Activated R2D2 Chorus Line

Voice Activated, Interactive Dancing R2-D2 Astromech Droids. I'm not sure what else to day. It's awesome!

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A Userfriendly Holiday Ornament

Scott Thompson sent along word that he had created a User Friendly Ornament for your tree. Very cool, thanks Scott!

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December 20, 2008
Super Cool Javascript Effect

I'm not normally one for funky javascript effects, but I have to say that this is very cool.

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More New Duke Nukem' Media

Three new screenshots have surfaced in the last few days from the latest round of DNF media. I hear that this is one year after the first "new" set of media from DNF came out proclaiming that they were back, there was indeed a real game there, it was being worked on, etc etc.

This is like 2001 all over again. We were jazzed up by the promise of DNF not being forever and a day away last year, now a year later they are reminding us that they're still working on it, no, really, we are.

The screenshots of course look lovely, and completely pre-rendered and doubtful to look anything like it in the final game (except for the last one maybe).

Bottom line, I'd say don't get too excited and wait for the announcement next year that they're switching game engines (or platforms).

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December 18, 2008
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry has Died

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry has Died | /Film

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The Kirk Car Jump Physics

Remember the trailer for the new Star Trek where Kirk leaps from a car just before it goes over a cliff? Well, /film notes that Popular Science has done The Physics of Kirk’s Star Trek Car Jump and found that once again, Kirk is da man!

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11th Doctor Announcement Imminent?

11th Doctor Announcement Imminent? - News - Doctor Who - Online Magazine & Fan Site

11th Doctor Announcement Imminent?

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December 17, 2008
Happy Birthday Milla!

A happy birthday message to the beautiful and talented Milla Jovovich.... exactly one month younger than I. Milla, if you see this, you're welcome to come by Vancouver and say hi anytime, ok?

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December 16, 2008
People Skidding in the Snow

This video from JWZ brings up the question of "why are you morons driving?" Seriously, just stay at home....

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December 15, 2008
Wolverine: Origins latest HD trailer...

I'm actually taking the day off of work for this...
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Now Officially Online! -

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December 14, 2008
December 12, 2008
Trek Neeeerd moment

I think I need to add a nerd category here for myself ;) - Majel Barrett-Roddenberry to Play Computer Voice in New Star Trek Movie

Posted by aryk at 12:34 PM
New Page Breaking Apple Ad

Found this via Reddit... looks like Apple's new online ad does that page destruction thing that wii did a bit ago. Kinda cool. Annoying as hell I'm sure to encounter in the wild though...

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Free, high-end image editor

Image Editing: SUMO Paint Puts Photoshop-Style Editing in Your Browser

Free, high-end image editor

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December 10, 2008

Two devices that let you feel impacts to your chest and your head while playing 3D games.
3rd Space Gaming Vest
HTX Helmet

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I, For One, Welcome our new Hovertank Overlords

From Darren comes: Multikill Vehicle Hover Test. How much will it take to get one of these for myself to keep those damn kids off my lawn?

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December 09, 2008
Thunderbird 3 Beta 1 Available

Lifehacker points out that Thunderbird 3 Beta 1 is Now Available.

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Another Ikea Hacker Desk Idea

In this ikea hacker post I saw something I don't know why I hadn't thought of... putting the powerbar in the cable tray! Will have to do that when I get home.

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Firefox 3: 8 Untold Secrets

I actually found some neat tricks in there, duplicating tabs being one of them...
Firefox 3: 8 Untold Secrets - OS, Software & Networking by ExtremeTech

Posted by aryk at 09:32 AM
December 08, 2008
Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Released

Mozilla Firefox 3.1 is ready for download. This version has some nice new features, the new uber-fast JS engine, the detachable tabs (yay, finally!) and a porn private browsing mode (whohooooo!!!!) and special syntax for the awesomebar (ie: '+' will restrict to only tagged pages).

It is still a beta of course, and most plugins won't work with it, however, it's still worth a look if you're not super dependent on your plugins.

Posted by Arcterex at 03:41 PM
Great New SNL Video

Jizz In My Pants was passed on from Peejay, and it is epically awesome. The latest from the SNL guys that brought you "Dick in a box". Looks great in HD too, especially the hottie :)

Posted by Arcterex at 11:41 AM
Virtual Barber Shop Surround Sound Demo

Passed on from an ex-coworker, as I'd missed it in my travels: Amazing Digital Surround Sound demo using a virtual haircut. Definitely need headphones for it to have the full effect of course. Actually a little freaky when it first starts up. Guess I'm used to really crappy sound coming out of my headset :)

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December 07, 2008
December 05, 2008
Another Just plain cool Gadget

Cuckoo: Speaker Cuckoo Clock Blasts You Out of Bed

Posted by aryk at 04:00 PM
Grant that Mattel has some sort "ownership" over the ideas in this guy's head while he worked at Mattel

Techdirt: If You Worked At Mattel And Thought About Making A Non-Barbie Doll, You Can't

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December 04, 2008
Google Reader Update

The google has spoken.... Square is the new round. That and they have updated the google reader to be faster/better/less calories. Not sure I like it just yet, but I'm sure I'll get used to it fast enough. They have discussion forums if you need help. If you're not seeing the new interface just logout/login or hit the refresh button to see it.

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December 03, 2008
Vista SP2 Details

Lifehacker has some details on What's Inside Vista SP2, based on a flurry of blog posts lately (apparently, I've been out of it). Sadly nothing hugely exciting is in there other than fixes and tweaks.

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December 02, 2008
The Nokia N97

It may not look immediately as minimalistically-sexy as the iPhone, but based on the videos and images, the Nokia N97 media that Engadget got their hands on does look damn interesting. The scrolling and touch screen appear to be fast and responsive like it's apple cousin, and lets hope that it learned some lessons from some of the niggles that people have had with the keyboard, responsiveness and accessibility complains with the G1.

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December 01, 2008
New Half Life 2 Mod

OK, so my vote for the coolest looking Half Life 2 mod has to go to Black Mesa, which is, ironically, a HL2 mod to make it look like... wait for it.... HL1! Sure you can get the "Half Life: Source" program with HL2, which puts the HL2 textures into the HL1 game, but it doesn't put any of the new physics, character models, etc.... gosh wouldn't that be cool huh? (This is in fact, what I said the first time I played it).

Well, looks like this is it.

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Best Movie Revenge Moments

12 Of The Best Payback Moments in Film from Geeks of Doom. Great list, now I need to watch a bunch more movies to see all of them.

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Before the Tardis

Planet Gallifrey: Before the TARDIS

Posted by aryk at 10:30 AM
The Awesomeest of Zombie Killing Weapons

Five words. Chainsaw Strapped to AR-15 Rifle. Hells yes, zombie apocalypse come get some!

Posted by Arcterex at 10:18 AM Gets Electronics

Now this is nice.... one of the big deficiencies that the Canadian version of has had is that they don't carry all the electronics goodies that the main dot com one has. However, this has changed, as they now have electronics. If for nothing else you get a nice place to track the differences in Canadian vs Us prices :)

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