February 16, 2009
Internet Justice... Cat Abuser Found

OK, here's the story. Lowlife scum fucktards video tape themselves abusing a cat. Lowlife scum fucktards post to Youtube. Story is picked up by various news websites (reddit, digg, etc). Internet has outcry over abuse to cat by lowlife scum sucking bastard fucktards. Then the power of the Internet is harnessed away from porn and Internet memes and it's power is used for good.

Lowlife scum sucking loser bastard fucktards have their youtube video Zaprudered to hell and back, their identities connected through various social networking sites, their likenesses compared, backgrounds in the video are compared to other images they've posted, (think of this as a 2 minute montage of hackers working away desperately) and then the evidence all compiled and authorities, PETA, and local news are contacted.

Happy ending Fucktard loser lowlife scum sucking animal abusing bastards are caught.

The better news is the cat (Dusty) is alive and has been put in the care of the animal shelter and away from the aforementioned fucktards. Sadly the abusers were released to their parents custody instead of being in jail with some nice men who can give them a bit of abuse to see what it's like to be helpless and being picked on by someone 100x their size. Please note that the video is a newscast but still does show some disturbing images and audio (even though it's edited for TV) which personally I had to fast forward through. I'm very glad that this had a happy ending.

Here's a great comment on reddit about how the people at 4chan.org tracked these guys down, as well as some of the early findings. It's also nice to know that anytime anyone does any sort of checking on these two (Kenny Glenn Cat Abuser and Weston Glenn to help with the google juice... someone put up kenny-glenn.com but it's down now, you can check google cache for it though) the first Internet hits will (hopefully) be about senseless animal abuse.

Nice quote from quote from 4chan about how on the Internet you do not screw around with cats.

Posted by Arcterex at February 16, 2009 09:43 AM