June 02, 2009
Microsoft's Project Natal Demos and Videos

Google Blogscoped has some videos from Project Natal for XBox 360, Microsoft's new gaming system and Wii killer.

From what I saw, and from the video on GeekBrief, it's a gaming system as close to Sci-Fi (or is it Skyfye?) as I've heard of before. Voice and face recognition, full motion capture to put you in the game, magic scanning of your stuff to use for skins in game, no controller needed (imagine the wii-mote without the wii-mote), in system video conferencing and data / info transfer... all magic.

Will it be able to be pulled off? Maybe. It has no price or release date, and a lot of the video looks more like a "this could be technology in this home of the future" type demo under optimal conditions. If anyone can do it, MS has the $$ though, so lets see what happens.

Posted by Arcterex at June 02, 2009 08:22 PM