June 03, 2009
New Apple Rumors

Well, WWDC is less than a week away, and the Apple rumor mill is in high gear. The Flickr set with the WWDC 2009 Banners ('One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead') is up, and the iPhone rumor roundup has been compiled.

So what do you think? Boring "meh" updates (we all know that iPhone OS 3.0 is going to be out RSN and that at least is going to be cool, based on the demo given early this year and the developer seed information that's been coming out), or will we be wowed? Is there going to be a new iPhone (all signs point to yes) and if so, will it be awesome, or just an evolutionary move up (bumped storage, processor, slightly different case) or will there be something "OMFG WTF WOW" to see. Will there be the oft-rumored tablet and changes / updates to the Macbook and Mac pro lines? Maybe just some more speed bumps. Biggest question though, will The Steve be onstage again?

Posted by Arcterex at June 03, 2009 06:58 PM