June 09, 2009
Google Quick Search for Mac

The google mac team have released Google Quick Search Box. Looks like they are edging into the QuickSilver (not not in development anymore) and TaskBar (non-free).

This is interesting because while being an app launcher and app "do stuff with"-er (though doesn't seem quick as cool as launchbar or quicksilver in terms of chaining stuff together), is it is obviously a google search engine, and you can integrate search from your google or twitter accounts.

A bit of testing sees it as having very much potential. Intuitive if you're used to using QS or LB at all, feels a bit laggy compared to QS/LB, but having things like results popping right in (ie: put in "weather " and the first result is the current weather. Way cool.

Also according to the reddit article the development is done by the QuickSilver creator, Nicholas Jitkoff.

I'm sold so far....

Posted by Arcterex at June 09, 2009 08:54 PM