June 18, 2009
I Love Propaganda - Thanks Microsoft

Here's your laugh for the day... check out Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts comparison page. Don't you love mindless marketing propaganda. The only way that I can see these comparisions being complete and outright lies are some minor wordings put in the comments to explain how Chrome and Firefox don't have security, privacy, web tools, reliability (ha!) and manageability.

This reminds me of talking to someone who has just quit smoking and saying how wonderful they are now, ignoring the legacy of the 2 pack a day habit they left behind (in this case, we call it Internet Explorer 6, still a plague to the web). Ah well, I'm pretty sure that most people reading this site don't use IE8 for anything other than doing Windows Update on their parents and in-laws computers anyway....

Original story and comments on reddit.

Posted by Arcterex at June 18, 2009 10:08 AM