July 22, 2009
Apollo 11 Source Code

Holy crap, how cool is this!? Amidst all the rest of the 40th Anniversary of Man On The Moon fever comes the Apollo 11 mission's source code!

To commemorate this event the Command Module code (Comanche054) and Lunar Module code (Luminary099) have been transcribed from scanned images to run on yaAGC (an open source AGC emulator) by the Virtual AGC and AGS project.

Some amusing comments in the article as well.... you'd almost think the internet is full of smarmy gits! :)

If you think about it too hard, your mind will be blown. First of all, man walked on the freakin' moon. Secondly they did it 40 years ago. Lastly they did it with computers with less processing power than your phone. In fact, you can't even really compare your iPhone to the Apollo 11 computer, it's more like a quarter of the power of the original IBM XT, ie: about 1mhz.

Posted by Arcterex at July 22, 2009 04:31 PM