August 12, 2009
Microsoft Won't Pull The Plug on IE 6

@Tecknology posted a link about Microsoft and them explaining why they can't discontinue IE 6 from the IEBlog. Best quote from the article, IMHO, is this one:

Dropping support for IE6 is not an option because we committed to supporting the IE included with Windows for the lifespan of the product. We keep our commitments.

*cough* I call bullshit. Plays For Sure anyone? The argument seems to be that people (and organizations) should have the choice to upgrade or not, and if you, or some large corporation or organization decides that they don't want to deal with upgrading 100s or 1000s of computer's browsers, Microsoft is going to keep on supporting them. While I applaud them and their dedication and agree that if you're in a huge corporation you shouldn't be left out of security upgrades and whatnot that's needed by IE6, I think that the web as a whole should not support IE6. If you're forced to use IE6 at work that sucks to be you, if 10,000 users start complaining that isn't rendering properly, they'll either be told to install another browser to do their personal surfing, or it'll put pressure on IT to actually upgrade.

Besides, IE7 and IE8 is available on XP, and neither of them is the hole-ridden pile of fail that IE6 is. The only reason someone with XP has for keeping IE6 is that they aren't online to get the update, and if that's the case, they won't be surfing. I wonder if anyone has figured out the developer cost of IE6 and keeping websites compatible with it as well as modern standards-compliant browsers.

Posted by Arcterex at August 12, 2009 04:19 PM