August 19, 2009
Some Misc Gaming Bits

A few bits from Shacknews that I've come across this morning:

  • A couple of sexy looking Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots
  • Talk from iD on Rage, Doom 4 and Quake Live. Good read, though the Doom 4 stuff is a bit light and on the last page.
  • Wolfenstein multiplayer team axed after release. I understand from the biz standpoint that once something is release you might not need those resources anymore, but geez, that's cold. Note: I have no knowledge of the details of the story, only the headline, so my opinion might be completely wrong. You know you don't come here for hard hitting journalism :)
  • Bonus: Dark Void HD trailer. Coming in January for PC and consoles....

Posted by Arcterex at August 19, 2009 11:48 AM