September 09, 2009
Apple Announcement Recap

So it's all over and it was.... pretty good, but not spectacular. Ars has a nice wrapup. Basically nothing really new, like a tablet, but:

  • New iTunes 9 with enhanced cover-art, sharing, new genius stuff, and app organization, and updated store, available today
  • New iPhone OS 3.1, available today.
  • New 64G iPod Touch with faster processor
  • New iPod Nano with a 640x480 video camera, FM radio, and some apps
  • New 160G iPod Classic
  • Lots of price changes on Touch, Nano, etc.

Sadly, what we don't get is a camera on the iPod Touch, and no Jesus-Tablet :(

So not a huge amount to get excited about, but a nice update to the entire lineup. Explore around to see more details and goodness. Also pretty much every tech blog will have a similar update.

Posted by Arcterex at September 09, 2009 11:21 AM