September 16, 2009
My Kanye West Conspiracy Theory

Everyone knows how much of a duchebag Kanye West is for stealing the moment from Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Here's my conspiracy theory:

It was a setup, or at least pre-planned on some level, maybe not by Swift, but look at the results of it all:

  • Taylor Swift is getting huge kudos and sympathy (probably resulting in more sales and attention)
  • Beyonce is getting huge kudos for being such a class act. Also I'm sure her video is getting huge "heat" and attention after it is proclaimed as "the best ever".
  • Kanye gets huge media attention and just has to fake a few tears and say I'm sorry a bunch. Who was thinking about him before a couple of days ago? Also I understand he does this sort of thing a lot, so it's not like it's out of character for him or a big change from the status quo....

It's just a theory of course, I'm just looking at the downsides for everyone involved, and I'm not seeing a whole lot!

Posted by Arcterex at September 16, 2009 08:46 AM