October 07, 2009
UFies.org Server Move 21:00 PST Tomorrow (Thursday Oct 8)

Hey everyone, Looks like the UFies.org / TDIClub.com hosting provider is moving their offices and merging with another company. One of the fun bits with this is their current office is closing, and they're moving all their hosted servers to a new location. Luckily the new location is just down the road from the old one, and they are willing to do the move of our servers for us.

What does it mean for you, the user? Well, not much. Basically there will be some downtime where nothing will work and you won't be able to get your mail, website, webmail, or anything like that.

When will this happen? This is scheduled for approximately 21:00PST (that'd be 9:00pm) tomorrow, Thursday the 8th. I'm told about 20 minutes, but somehow I doubt that, so I'd wager 1-2 hours of downtime for everything, mail, DNS, web, etc. Sorry about this.

That's it? Yup.

Will anything go wrong? Well, the IPs are supposed to be all set up at the new location, so they will just be powering down the machines, packing them up, and plugging them back in. In *theory*, when the servers come back up all will be back as it was.

Anything else? Well, not currently. We're getting pretty much the same deal as before, same cost, bandwidth, throughput, and support (pretty sure about the last part anyway). However, it is another company and they may want to integrate us into a new pricing SKU in the future. We'll see what happens when the time comes... I'm going forward hoping the best though.

Please follow the UFies.org twitter stream for any notifications @ufies (as well as interesting links throughout the day) where I'll be posting any updates if things do go south.

Posted by Arcterex at October 07, 2009 02:40 PM