November 06, 2009
Early Buzz: Is Kick-Ass The Best Superhero Movie Ever Made? Trailer Coming Soon | /Film

Slashfilm got their paws on some early reviews of the Kick Ass movie.

I'm sure you'll be getting lots of emails on the subject as Lionsgate is cranking out Screenings like gang busters but I just came from one and hot damn, what a flick. I never read the comic but this movie was a great fun incredibly violent ride.

If you're a geek and haven't heard about the Kick-Ass movie yet, this is something to keep on your radar. If you haven't read the Kick-Ass comic yet, do. There are only 7 issues out so far, and speaking as someone who is not a comic book guy at all, I read and consumed the first 6 like a madman, and will be grabbing the 7th today.

Posted by Arcterex at November 06, 2009 11:48 AM