December 14, 2009
Pimping Appigo's TODO

FYI I'm not associated with Appigo in any way. Just gotta pimp out the recent update to their iPhone TODO app. The 3.2 update adds a bunch of nice features and while there are many other todo lists on the iPhone, for some reason I'm drawn to this one. Not completely because it's the only one I've got either :) However, other apps like Things or Omnifocus seem to require fairly expensive desktop software to go with it to get the "full" experience.

There are a couple of downsides to TODO though.

  • No desktop software to compliment it (the up or downside of this is debatable of course)
  • While it will sync with online services, you're limited to Remember the Milk (requires a pro account), Toodledo (lesser known site IMHO) and local sync to your computer (awesome, but requires the iPhone and computer to be on the same network). A sync to something like google Calendar or Mobile Me would be awesome.
  • Not strictly Getting Things Done oriented, which again, could be either an up or a downside depending on if you want a TODO list or a GTD application.
  • A wishlist item would be I would love love love this to integrate with the awesome Evernote so I could attach a note to/from evernote or a due date for notes to/from TODO.

Keep up the good work Appigo guys!

Again, no association, just showing some love for an app I use.

Posted by Arcterex at December 14, 2009 02:09 PM