January 05, 2010
New "Play Anything" Boxes From Boxee and Popcorn Hour

As someone struggling with getting my media to my TV in a concise and simple manner, devices and programs like Boxee have caught my attention. Couple of bits of news in that respect.

  • Boxee box were specs revealed. I don't care too much about the social integration stuff, but it does look interesting (though the shape is.... "odd" to say the least).
  • Popcorn Box announced. I was only recently told about Popcorn Hour, a "play anything" small form factor box with room to plug a blu-ray drive in. PH fit almost everything I needed, minus HDMI and the rather pricey $299 price. The sequel corrects both of these shortcomings, with a promised $129 price point and HDMI full 1080p output.

None of these boxes avoid the need for either tuner cards (if you're into recording TV) or a digital tuner (if you have digital / HD cable).

Posted by Arcterex at January 05, 2010 02:37 PM