January 06, 2010
iPhone Controlled Parrot AR.Drone Quad-Copter

Parrot.com just announced at CES a quadricopter controlled wirelessly from an iPhone.

[...] a quadricopter piloted with an iPhone or iPod touch, which allows users to fly in a real-world environment while simultaneously playing a video game from the device's screen.

OK seriously, I want one of these things, assuming the flight distance or battery life isn't ridiculously short or there is some other insanely silly restriction (like a really high price). The auto-takeoff and landing feature fixes the issue with other micro-copters that they are amazingly hard to land (hell, hard to fly, impossible to land), and the view from the copter shown on the iPod/iPhone fixes the "which way do I turn to go left?" issue. Heck, this'll be a great new world of peeping toms fun helicopter gaming!

Posted by Arcterex at January 06, 2010 09:37 AM