January 07, 2010
The Apple Blog's Thoughts on Microsoft's Slate

Microsoft's Slate: Exactly Unlike Apple's Upcoming Tablet :

And I guarantee you will not see a single control element (button, tab, scrollbar and the like) migrate, intact and unchanged, from desktop OS X to tablet OS. Apple knows not to make that mistake. Microsoft does not; it's loading Windows 7 -- unmodified UI et al -- onto its tablet. But this time there's not even a stylus to help you. You gotta use your pinkies. The result -- an awkward, practically unusable UI.

Ballmer very handily (pun intended) demonstrated this by fumbling about with the thing. His fingers weren't particularly good at hitting the UI controls on the 7-inch screen that, due to its very form factor, rendered Windows controls as little more than diminutive dots.

Yes it's a slanted source, of course they have better hops for the (rumored) Apple tablet. However, they do key onto a few details about some of the different design philosophies of the two companies. For example. compare the start menu based, stylus using windows mobile to a completely new iPhone OS (at least different from standard desktop computing for the most part).

A bit sad in a way, especially considering the awesome looking (rumored) Courier tablet that we heard about a while back as the (rumored) tablet from MS.

Again, lets not forget about the (rumored) table being (rumored) to be announced at the (rumored) media event on the (rumored) date of Jan 26 or 27. :)

Posted by Arcterex at January 07, 2010 04:22 PM