January 18, 2010
Official: Apple holding January 27th Event

Thanks to Peejay for pointing me to the Engadget story where it's finally official.... IApple holding January 27th event to show off its 'latest creation'. So now the blogosphere will explode with more speculation, instead of exploding if Apple didn't have an announcement.

Of course the "Latest Creation" part indicates that this is probably not an iPhone OS 4.0 announcement or a new iTunes (though both of those I'd appreciate as well).

Best comment for the Engadget story IMHO is by DirtyVegas:

1) Expensive or not, it will look super cool and sell like hotcakes
2) We can stop with dumb tablet rumors and look forward to 2nd gen tablet rumors.

Update: The nuts over at TUAW have already started Zaprudering the Invite.

Posted by Arcterex at January 18, 2010 09:32 AM