February 02, 2010
How to Shoot (Photographs) Like A Terrorist

Light Chasers Photography has a great article on How to Shoot (Photographs) Like A Terrorist. An excerpt:

Bring the largest camera (or lens) you have
We all know that terrorists want attention - that's why they plant bombs wreak as much havoc as they can. They want people to notice them so they can get their message heard. This means that terrorists don't want to bring around small, inconspicuous cameras - they don't attract any attention. If you want to look like a terrorist, bring out the biggest hunks of plastic, metal, and glass that scream out "I'm a photographer terrorist."

In all seriousness, it does show just how stupid the whole "if you're taking pictures of things, you're probably a terrorist and should be harassed by the rent-a-cops".

Posted by Arcterex at February 02, 2010 10:00 AM