April 13, 2010
MacBook Pro's Upgraded

The fanboys will be happy to know that the MacBook Pros were finally given the i5/i7 upgrades that have been rumored for the last six months. AppleInsider has the release story and the look inside with the details. Short story is upgraded processors, graphics, batteries, display size, hard drive (if you feel like shelling out $1300+ for the 512G SSD option) and a new trackpad that has the same inertial scrolling as you're used to on your iPhone.

In case anyone is feeling generous, my uber-dream machine (with SSD HD) is $4193 CND, and my "I'd be perfectly happy with that upgrade" machine is a (mere) $2460 CND (or $2880 with 8G of RAM, which probably would be better assuming I didn't just go aftermarket for the RAM).

Posted by Arcterex at April 13, 2010 09:17 AM